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A child can be registered at any time by e-mail, directly in the day care centre or online using a registration form.

We offer private and subsidized places. The price for a private place can be seen under «Tariffs». Costs for a subsidized place are calculated individually by the Social Department of the City of Zurich, depending on family’s income.

The tariffs for subsidized places for families living in the city of Zurich are calculated individually by the social department of the city of Zurich, set out in a contribution factor confirmation and are valid for one year.
The SBU (subsidized scope of care) is calculated by the school and sports department of the city of Zurich and is also valid for one year.

In order to prepare the child, it needs an individually adapted acclimatization, which usually lasts 2-4 weeks and takes place without interruption on 4 days a week. The costs for the first 2 weeks are covered by the day care centre. The rest of the acclimatization costs are paid by the parents.

Our multicultural team speaks several languages and helps the child in everyday life. In addition, we offer free integrative early German support for children from the age of 3 years.

The additional days can be booked via the parent app or by e-mail and must be confirmed by the day care manager.

Yes, we grant a sibling discount of 10% as long as both children are cared for.

We take care of children from the age of three months until they enter kindergarten.

The minimum presence is 2 full days per week. Less is not recommended as it can make it more difficult for the child to connect and feel part of the group.

The day care provides the children with diapers and hygiene items. These are included in the price.

Our meals are freshly prepared daily by our cook. In doing it, we rely on the recommendations of the Swiss Nutrition Society. When creating the menu plans, we prefer to use seasonal fruits and vegetables. Both are served several times a day and are obtained directly from local farmers if possible. For our meat and fish dishes we order meat and fish from a certified butcher in the local area. We consume 95% meat from Switzerland. When consuming fish, we pay attention to the labels with species-appropriate catch.

We avoid sweetened drinks and sweets to the greatest possible extent. We take the allergies / intolerance of children into consideration and respect different religions and their principles. Parents are free to bring ready meals to the day nursery if they have special requirements. Otherwise, we ask the legal guardians not to give their children any food to the day nursery. Exceptions are breast milk, birthday cakes and farewell afternoon snacks.

We distance ourselves from any compulsion to eat.

Please find the full nutrition concept document in this PDF file (in German).

06:45 – 09:00 Children are brought to the day care
7:45 – 08:15 Breakfast for children
09:00 – 09:15Greeting ritual
09:15 – 10:50Interest-based offers, a walk
11:00Lunch, then brushing teeth
12:00 – 14:00Lunch break for all children
13:45Children can be brought or picked up
14:00 – 16:00Interest-based offers, a walk, afternoon tea
16:00 – 17:45Free play, indoors or outdoors, fruit plate
16:00 – 18:15Children can be picked up

The children must have health, accident and liability insurance. It is parents’ responsibility.

To protect the other children, sick children are not allowed to the day care centre. In the event of a contagious disease or a fever of over 38.5°C, parents must pick up their child immediately. If there is no risk of infection and the doctor confirms that in writing, your child may return to the day care immediately.

The care costs are flat rate and the same every month. Absences due to illness, public holidays and vacations are included in the all-inclusive price.

Yes, there are parking places at all four locations. At Bambola, Bambina and Biene Maya day care centres, parents are allowed to use the visitor parking spaces briefly when bringing and fetching their child. There are only a few paid public parking spaces at the Beba day care centre.

The day care centres have a pedagogical and an infant concept. We adhere to the Kibesuisse code of conduct for the prevention of physical, psychological and sexual violence. You can download the concepts as a PDF file (in German) here.

We provide a parent app for communication between the parental home and the nursery. Parents can also share their concerns by telephone or e-mail. When bringing and fetching the children, there are door-to-door talks.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please use the contact form.

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