We offer private and subsidized child care places. The cost of the private day care is covered by parental contributions.


The prices for private payers (self-paying, non-subsidized parents) are shown in the following table:


Days a week All day Baby (infant) - all day
5 2´415.- 3´113.-
4 1´932.- 2´490.-
3 1´449.- 1´902.-
2 966.- 1’291.-


Daily price: 121.- SFr./day
Baby (infant): 156.- to 162.- SFr./day


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Subsidized nursery places:

The city of Zurich promotes child care, among others, by subsidizing day care places. The parental contributions for a subsidized place care related to earnings and is calculated individually.


Click here for the maintenance costs (general information)


Subsidized place:
Click here for an online calculation

In order to get a subsidized child care place you need:
1. a valid contribution factor confirmation,
2. a confirmation of the scope of subsidy eligibility.


Click here to see the applied procedure.

Click here if you would like to see the Booklet "About the scope of subsidy eligibility" (PDF 7 pages).




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